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Pressure Washing

Why Pressure Washing or Power Washing is Not Recommended:

One of the most common misconceptions with roof and siding cleaning is that pressure washing or power washing is the best method to remove grime, mold, green algae and black mildew. The truth is that there is a much better method available called Soft Washing.

What is the difference between Pressure Washing and Soft Washing?

Pressure washing uses high pressure to propel water at 2,500 – 3,000 PSI (pounds per square inch) onto the surface of a roof, composite decks or vinyl siding to blast away the organic material. While pressure washing may effectively make the surfaces look cleaner, there are several drawbacks:

  • High pressure can cause damage such as torn window screens, further erode rotten wood trim, remove peeling paint, loosen caulking around windows, skylights and trim, etc.
  • High pressure can leave permanent streak marks on vinyl siding
  • High pressure can damage asphalt shingles by tearing or loosening them and by blasting away the ceramic granules that protect them from erosion. High pressure can also force water into cracks and crevices and under shingles causing leaks into the home structure.
  • Pressure washing or power washing blasts off the organic material but doesn’t kill the algae spores. The spores are simply spread around the exterior and can continue to grow and spread to other areas. Also, because the spores are not being killed, the growth on siding and roof surfaces tend to return much more quickly.

Soft Washing – Effective Cleaning but Without the Pressure

Soft washing is the future of roof and siding cleaning! It is safe and also more effective. Soft washing method involves the use of lower pressure combined with gentle chemicals to get rid of algae, mildew, grime and mold.

It can be safely used on all kinds of surfaces. Roof shingles, vinyl siding, stucco, composite decks or patios, brick and concrete can be easily cleaned using the soft washing method. At Stain Medix, we clean but without the destructive pressure.

Why You Should Opt for Soft Washing Services?

  • Soft washing services expels water at less than 200 PSI, which is over 10 times less PSI than pressure washing.
  • Soft washing uses zero destructive pressure. Hence it minimizes damage to the vinyl siding or roof shingles.
  • Soft washing technique utilize safe, biodegradable chemicals and eco-friendly methods that thoroughly clean and sanitize surfaces.
  • When spraying with soft-wash chemical, you get more area coverage than pressure washing. It is much more thorough.
  • Soft wash system kills 100% of the bacteria and algae growth.
  • It does not damage your roof and house. Moreover, the soft washing services ensures that your roof and vinyl siding stays clean for a longer time.

Soft washing is simply the best alternative to pressure washing. It is safest and more effective for cleaning your home. As an experienced and professional roof cleaning company, we recommend the use of soft cleaning services over pressure washing.