While pressure washing is fine for hard surfaces like brick and concrete, it can be destructive to most other housing materials such as asphalt shingles, vinyl siding, stucco, and wood. For these surfaces, there is a much better solution called Soft Washing. Soft Washing uses a low pressure system to spray the surface with a detergent that breaks down algae, mildew, moss and lichen on contact.

Soft washing is the future of roof and siding cleaning! It is safe and also more effective. Soft washing method involves the use of lower pressure combined with gentle chemicals to get rid of algae, mildew, grime and mold.

It can be safely used on all kinds of surfaces. Roof shingles, vinyl siding, stucco, composite decks or patios, brick and concrete can be easily cleaned using the soft washing method. At Stain Medix, we clean without the destructive pressure.

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